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The Kidfinity Story

My husband Russ and I were born and raised in Appleton, but have found Oshkosh to be a great entrepreneurial home for us. We own multiple businesses that have all found Oshkosh to be much more welcoming than the Appleton market. One of these businesses is Kids HQ Child Care Center which is currently next door to Kidfinity. As the parents of three kids ourselves and then operating the child care center, we quickly learned that there are not a lot of options available to families for affordable, gently used children's items. 


We always had so many quality items that we did not want to see ending up in the landfill and that we are finding it harder to donate with new safety protocols or restrictions. So, it felt like a great thing to do if we could offer families a place to save money, offer families a way to recoup some of the money they have already spent, keep items out of the landfill while also helping our own daycare have access to new items at a lower cost. We have heard a lot of enthusiasm for the store and are excited to be opening the first week of October. We hope to have our true grand opening as a Halloween celebration!

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Our Mission

Kidfinity provides a boutique shopping experience where families can both buy and sell gently used children’s clothing, gear, toys and equipment alongside the unique products we showcase from local businesses, craftsmen, artists and vendors. By providing families with a place to sell unwanted items effortlessly and purchase new items at significantly reduced prices from other families, we can reduce our carbon footprint while helping families stretch their dollars further.

Our Pledge

Although we do our best to purchase all items brought it, we are limited on space and can't take everything. For all items that get brought in that we do not purchase, we donate to the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Shelter in Oshkosh to do our part in making a difference. It is our hope that each article of clothing, toy, and piece of furniture finds a home in our own community with those in need. 

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